Expanding into new markets - serving existing markets

The product portfolio is designed to serve niche markets, as well as provide a platform to launch new products in high-tech markets.

GAIA/LTC lithium-ion batteries are especially suitable for the automotive industry, and have been used successfully in a wide range of vehicle types from hybrid cars and trucks to vehicles powered solely by electricity. The company cooperates closely with major car manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as with research organizations and universities.

GAIA's/LTC's goal is to expand applications in the transportation field. This includes transportation by road, in the air and on and under water.  A unique example of our capabilities is the first solar ship to circumnavigate the world 'PlanetSolar Tûranor', which uses our batteries.

Based on 20 years of experience with large size lithium-ion batteries, we have developed leading technological capabilities in cell production and battery assembly.  This expertise establishes a solid foundation to ensure success in the implementation and rollout of your product.


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